The Gate – A New Breed of Orc (Book 1)

Welcome to the world of Ka’ton. A world populated by humans, dwarves, elves, orcs and other mysterious creatures. Rival human nations, Lertia and Raziya, have one common enemy—orcs. Recent Lertian scout reports indicate a mass alliance forming between rival orc tribes. The Kingdom of Lertia prepares itself for a bloody defence.

However, their situation becomes dire when a magical gate appears, linking the world of Ka’ton with another. The occupants of this other world are orcs—a new breed of orcs.



The Gate – An Ancient Connection (Book 2)

The Gate remains open and after having successfully repelled the attack on Arthea, Duke Angus now turns his attention to closing it. All that stands in his way is five hundred orcs of the Black Skull tribe. With the aid of their dwarven allies this should not present a problem, but the Duke of Arthea is in for a shock.

Meanwhile on the hostile world of Ki’arantha another tribe is looking to join the war. The leader of this tribe is not as one might suspect and holds an ancient connection between the two worlds.

Lives will be lost, friendships will be tested, moral beliefs will be reconsidered and courage will be put to the ultimate test as nations and tribes clash.

Invasion - FacebookThe Gate – Invasion (Book 3)

The true threat has been revealed. A temporary seal is in place over the Gate but how long will that last against the might of Sylestra’s multi-race tribe? The combined army of dwarves and men strengthen their position by the Gate preparing for the inevitable — an invasion.

On the orc world of Ki’arantha, Gerard and his best friend Jeff make plans to escape the Ta’zu slave compound. It will prove to be the most difficult undertaking of their lives. Blood will be spilled and lives will be lost in the exciting third instalment of The Gate Series.

The Gate – Closure (Book 4)


The dwarves have returned to their underground city of Corwyn. Arthea has been abandoned and her residents have fled for the relative safety of Yulon, but it’s only a matter of time before Sylestra’s army pursues them. Decker’s mission north to the elven lands of Faoura succeeded. The elves are coming. But will they arrive in time?

Gerard and Jeff, at long last, have their goal in sight, but Sylestra’s army stands in the way of their return home. Has the long journey been folly? Has Gerard led the fifteen thousand refugees to a dead end and certain doom?

The stage is set in this gripping conclusion to the Gate Series. Unlikely alliances are formed, lasting friendships are made, massive armies collide and sad farewells will bring tears to your eyes. Who will achieve closure?